Wall Block



The unique tumbled and split face stones in rich Basalite colors will provide a vintage charm to any landscape retaining wall solution.  Retaining wall blocks have a "lip" on the back of the block that helps to lock the blocks together and reinforce strength.  Many of the styles come in a variety of colors, call us today to get pricing and avaliability. 

Stonewall 2 - A very popular rustic looking system that offers a variety of colors and is very versitile for installations such as corners, curves, and taller walls.
Ashlar Wall - An attractive and easy to install 2 piece system that comes in a tan/brown color.
Bayfield Wall System - Comes in a retaining wall or 2 sided freestanding wall styles. This is a versitile 3 piece system with a cap.
4" Terrace Wall - A more economical retaining wall that can be used in walls up to 2' high.
Estate 6" Wall Block - An econonical retaining wall that be used in walls up to 3' high.