Planting Soil Mixes

See for yourself. We are using a blend of locally produced ingredients for the perfect combination of nutrients for your hungry plants.  Properly aged Humus, or broken down organic compost, and healthy microbiology are the keys to thriving plants.   Many of the materials used are recycled by-products of local industries, so like nature, we are constantly recycling our resources. We do not use any chemical fertilizers in our mixes which damage the microbial life in the soil, and affect the environment.  All of our soils are lab tested, and many of the composts are OMRI organic certified listed.

  • All of our mixes are made "ready to plant", no further fertilizing is recommended for at least 5-8 weeks. Feed as needed with organic fertilizers.

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Grower's Grand Harvest Mix

The Mixes:

Premium Mix Topsoil

Our signature topsoil designed mostly for laying under sod and building mounds.  A "heavy" soil,  good for planting when more soil base is required, this mix is about 60% screened loam.  Nitrolized sawdust aerates the soil, and duck feather added to the compost provides a good slow release of nitrogen.

  • Screened loam 60%
  • Organic yard trimmings compost -OMRI
  • Ground Poultry feather
  • Organically Nitrolized sawdust

Planter's mix soil

This is an all purpose, better draining planting soil than the topsoil.  Good for flower planting, trees and shrubs.  We add 5/16 lava rock to help it drain better and add a little more compost to raise the nutrients of the soil. Great for low to medium feeding plants, and gardener's who want a little "heavier" loam for their planting. This is about 35% loam base.

  • Screened loam 35%
  • 5/16 lava pumice
  • Organic yard trimmings compost -OMRI
  • Duck manure and rice hulls
  • Organically Nitrolized sawdust

Super Veggie Mix

Our signature and very popular custom blend veggie mix is made  to enhance any vegetable garden.  We add the high quality organic "Cold Creek" Agrow compost which is a chicken manure compost to create a very fertile mix with lots of microbial activity.  We also add aged shredded wood product and lava sand for better aeration of this soil, and great water retention.  Feather meal adds a long lasting nitrogen source. Great for raised beds and general vegetable planting where medium levels of nitrogen are needed like tomatoes! This has about 20% loam base, pH tests around 6.6-7.1.  Recommended for organic gardening, raised beds.

  • Screened loam 25%
  • Organic yard trimmings Compost  - OMRI
  • 5/16 lava rock
  • Cold Creek Agrow Compost (chicken manure)- OMRI organic
  • Organically Nitrolized sawdust
  • Aged forest humus
  • Feather meal

Ramm Gardener's Special (potting mix)

This is a nice fluffy and well aerated mix with plenty of available nutrients for your hungry plants.  Like the veggie mix, we use the organic Agrow Blend chicken manure compost in this mix. The difference with this mix is it is made with less screened loam, and we also add perlite so that it will have better aeration, and not "pack" as much as heavier soils.   Medium to high levels of NPK (Nitrogen/Phosphorous/Potassium), and balanced with other micronutrients. PH 6.7 - 6.9, around 15% loam in this mix. Great for pots, raised beds and ammending existing soilsRecommended for organic gardening.

  • Organic yard trimmings compost -OMRI
  • 5/16 red lava
  • Aged forest humus
  • Cold Creek Agrow Blend Compost (chicken manure)- OMRI organic
  • Grape pomace
  • Chicken manure and rice hulls
  • Screened loam 12%
  • feather meal

Grower's Grand Harvest Mix

Specifically designed for optimum growing results, often used as Sonoma County "420' soil, or cannabis soil.

We’ve been mixing and creating soil mixes for over 20 years, and worked with vendors all over California to create this high quality soil mix

No baloney, what we say is in the mix, is there, and consistency and quality are achieved by only having very experienced employees handle the process of the mixing.  The mix is 35% organic high quality Coco Coir, 15% perlite, 10% lava rock, and an abundance of aged forest humus, plus the composts. The advantages of Coco coir fiber, which is made from coconut husks, is that it retains water extremely well, has a naturally low pH, and doesn’t “dry” out like peat.
For nutrients we use the high quality Agrow Blend chicken manure mix made right in Potter Valley, CA.  Then we add Premium earthworm castings from “The Worm Farm”, as well as other natural fertilizers to create an abundance of NPK nutrients, as well as micro nutrients to feed the soil.  By only using organic sources of nutrients, we preserve the complex life in the soil, which are the microorganisms.  This is a very important feature, that many other manufacturers will overlook to save money on production by using chemical fertilizers.  After eating the fertilizers in the soil, these tiny life forms make them more “available” to the plants.  Using organic soils has been known to produce not only healthier, but better tasting fruit from the plants.  To further ensure quality and constancy we test this and all of our soils regularly to check for things like nutrient levels, and Ph, which usually tests around 6.5- 6.8. See --LAB TESTING 

Made for indoor and outdoor use, this mix is a lightweight and well aerated soil mix made “ready to plant”, no further fertilizing is recommended for 5-8 weeks.  We suggest using organic fertilizers to preserve and feed the microbial activity of the soil.


  • 35%  Coco Coir - OMRI
  • 15%  Pertlite
  • 10%  5/16" lava rock
  • Aged forest humus
  • Agrow Blend chicken manure compost- OMRI organic
  • Premium earthworm castings
  • Organic yard trimmings compost -OMRI
  • Sandy loam (7% by volume)
  • Grape pomace
  • Bone Meal
  • Feather meal
  • Alfalfa Meal

We deliver all over Northern California, up to 36 cubic yards per trip with dump truck and trailer, please see office for delivery charge quoting, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.