Pavers offer unlimited versatility and the pattern potential to create the hardscape floorplan of your dreams. Mega, square and rectangle sizes and styles are crafted in organic hues that may be custom blended at the time of installation.  Pavers are a great choice for both new and retrofit residences; its durability ensures low maintenance and high satisfaction for years to come.


Style & dimensions: 

   Artisan slate, Italian Renniassance, Country Cobble, San Francisco cobble:  5.5"x5.5" ,  5.5"x8.25" ,  8.25"x11" (60mm tall)

   Artisan Slate Premier: 6x6" ,  6x12" ,  12x12" (60mm tall)


   Positano, Sienna, MIlan, Naples, Venice


Italian Rennaissance - Shown in Positano color, this style is a very popular, more rustic look that suggests the cobble lined streets of European cities.
Italian Rennaissance - This was sealed with a lower gloss sealer, the detail shows tumbled edges and textured top.
Italian Rennaissance - Shown in a blend color of Milan, and Sienna colors. This paver comes in 3 sizes, that can make a variety of attractive patterns.
Artisan Slate - Shown in Positano color, this paver is a well priced style that offers some surface texture and a sleek look.
Artisan Slate - This detail shows the textured top, and tight joints that make this paver a great choice for patios.
Artisan Slate - WIth the right pattern and the color variety of this paver, beauty can be achieved large installations.
Artisan Slate Premier - Venice color. In this picture you can see the larger dimensions of this attractive paver. Comes in 6x6", 6x12", and 12"x 12".
Artisan Slate Premier - Close up of Positano color, and texture.
Artisan Slate Premier - This paver is great for large for commercial applications because of the larger dimensions.