Decorative Bark

Bark can be used as a relatively inexpensive way to cover large or small areas of landscaping. In additon to spicing up landscaping areas, certain types of bark are used to retain moisture around plants as a mulch.  We also have a variety of dyed barks which are becoming more popular because they keep thier color longer than natural barks.

Mini Fir Bark - Also in small and medium sizes
Red Deco Bark - Dyed chip
Redwood Chip
Shredded Redwood Bark
Black Mini Mulch - Dyed black bark.
Mocha Mulch - Dyed dark brown bark.
Playground fiber - Certified for playgrounds.
Western Fir - Also known as walk- on fir.
Woodland Mulch - Also known as Arbor Mulch.
Double Ground Mulch - Great for mulching, water retention, weeds
Small Fir Bark - very popular for ground cover, long lasting